Fort Golf

 Fort Golf is a puzzle mini-golf game, with grid-based movement across small castle themed courses. Many different obstacles complicate the levels, and each level has a unique solution, which may not be as simple as it looks… New mechanics are introduced in simplified settings, teaching the player the ins and outs before progressing to ever more challenging courses.

We are hoping to make Fort Golf accessible on multiple platforms, but the initial focus is a PC version. Whether you have a spaceship or a toaster, if it runs a recent version of Windows there’s a good chance it’ll run Fort Golf. An Xbox One release is likely, but not confirmed.

First Light

First Light is a fantasy voxel game currently in development. The game is based in procedurally generated worlds, with a focus on questing, exploration, and wrecking bosses!

A Walk In The Park

As the title suggests. A lovely day walking around the park. You will however have to keep your new found friend happy and healthy.

This game was made for the 46th Ludum Dare game development competition. You can view our official entry page here.